Schools Courses - Primary Programme

 This project is designed to run for 6 sessions in the primary school, during school hours or as an after school club and is designed for years 5 or 6. The project is focused on the 

following areas

  • Where does your food come from?
  • What can we grow in this country and what do we get from other countries?
  • What could you grow in your school and your garden?
  • Healthy eating and physical exercise in the countryside

The project in the classroom may be followed up by small group visits of targeted students to the Green Acres Rural 

Enterprise Centre to teach children and their families how to grow, cook and budget their own healthy meals. 

By ensuring that young people understand the importance of a regular healthy diet and regular physical exercise, project staff will be re-enforcing the need to regularly attend school.

 A project aimed at introducing enterprise skills to primary aged children. This can be run over a whole school day for a year group of students. It involves working in small groups and 

introducing the theme of teams where students will work 

together while developing  a range of different skills.

The teams will plan and make their own 100 acre farm over the day. They will need to consider:

  • A range of farm crops and farm animals
  • The environment and green technology
  • Farm diversification – farm shops, fishing lakes etc
  • Farm safety
  • The costs involved in running a farm

Rural Enterprises will supply a plan for the day, staff support sheets, student help sheets and resources as well as farming experts to advise and judge the competition

 Schools Courses - Secondary Programme

This programme is aimed at secondary school students who are not succeeding in accessing a full time curriculum in the school classroom. It is likely that a more practical approach is required. 

This programme is designed to encourage young people to achieve the best results that they can from their core subjects in school, while enabling them to explore their most positive route into the world of work.

The package is flexible and tailored to individual needs. We can offer:

  • One day per week at the Rural Enterprise Centre working on practical projects
  • A referral system and induction process
  • Work preparation skills, CV writing, protective work 
  • placements
  • A portfolio of certificates to take to the workplace
  • Developing new skills, including life skills
  • Homework and revision support
  • Regular contact with a named staff at school
  • Liaison with parents/ carers where appropriate

Students will cook their own lunch and learn where their food comes from  and how to grow their own food.

This programme is aimed at those who need additional support.  It is designed to engage “looked after” young people, young carers and those who are in need of emotional support. As well as the above, the programme will include, where appropriate:

  • Help with building confidence and self esteem
  • Liaison with named keyworkers
  • Working with partner organisations where necessary

Emergency Cover

There are occasions when young people have issues in their lives which mean that they are temporarily unable to access school. We can offer a short term provision where these students can attend the centre for a specific period, receiving the emotional support that they need and a quiet working environment. This may be suitable for students who have been temporarily excluded and need support with re-integration.