Green Acres Rural Enterprises is a community interest company created by Heather Wilson, Ellie Wilson and Deb Barton. Our address is Rural Enterprise Centre, Green Acres Farm, Catesby Road, Staverton, Northants NN11 6JP. Our contact number is 01327 703313

Fair terms

We value your business so we've tried hard to make our terms as fair and balanced as possible. These terms apply on any courses booked.

Booking a workshop

Due to the special nature of our workshops and the very limited enrolment classes are non-refundable. Transfers or re-schedules are by arrangement where possible.

In the unlikely event that a workshop is cancelled, we'll attempt to give you as much warning as possible to the email address you've registered with us. We will happily refund your booking or transfer you to a workshop of the same price, space permitting. However, we cannot accept responsibility for wasted travel or other costs.

Limitations on our liability

Our liability in relation to workshops attended is limited to the value of the workshop except for claims relating to our negligence which are limited to a maximum of £2,000,000 and in the unlikely event of a claim for death or personal injury arising from such negligence in which case our liability is unlimited.

Intellectual property rights

The name Green Acres  Rural Enterprises CIC may not be used without express permission. All content on Green Acres Rural Enterprises CIC website, including but not limited to words and graphics is our own property or licensed to us and may not be copied or reproduced in part or in whole by any means without our express written permission.

With regard to photographic imagery. From time to time we include images of course participants or of people and objects which we understand to be free of copyright and for which no use permissions are required. If you find an image of yourself on this site, for which you feel you have not granted permission, please contact us immediately and it will be removed.

Virus Protection

We hate computer viruses as much as you do, so we take great pains to protect our web users from them by passing everything we upload through an up-to-date virus protection software package. Of course, it's impossible to guarantee that a virus will not get through to our website either through that system or by someone attacking the site. To safeguard yourself, please make sure that you have your own up-to-date virus protection software and keep backups of your system so that you do not lose important data in the event that a virus or other device gets through. We can't, therefore, be responsible for any losses you incur through such an attack.

Interpretation of these terms

In our terms we use headings to help you navigate the document easily. Please note however that the headings themselves are not part of the terms and are just 'flags' to guide you. Therefore, the wording of the headings does not effect the interpretation of the terms.


Green Acres Rural Enterprises CIC is based in and operates in the UK and therefore the laws of England will apply to the interpretation of these terms and, in the unlikely event of a dispute, we agree wherever possible to attempt to resolve the matter through mediation and otherwise through the exclusive jurisdiction of English courts of law.