With an uncertain economic future, how can we help increase the chances of employment for young people?

With over 470,000 small business start-ups in 2011, creating your own opportunity has never been more popular,  but with one in three businesses failing in the first three years understanding how to plan & run a business are skills well worth knowing, not just in theory but also in practice.

This autumn we are offering a six day course in business basics when students will learn how to:
  • identify a target customer
  • assess the market opportunity
  • define & differentiate their product or service
  • create a brand identity
  • develop a marketing plan
  • develop a financial plan
While some learning will be carried out at the centre, students will also work with us to provide hot meals for residents of Daventry & District Housing’s warden controlled homes. Using this activity as a case study, students will see how understanding customer requirements, fixed and variable costs, cash flow and much more can make or break a business.
Participants will gain a certificate in Basic Food Hygiene which may also prove useful in the workplace.