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Green Acres is an alternative provision which believes in using a holistic approach for the education and nurture of young people who do not fit into the mainstream school environment for a variety of reasons.

By giving our young people a range of experiences from the world of work, we can use our expertise in working with food to promote a well rounded, healthy lifestyle.

Our nurturing environment helps them to become happy and independent confident young people who will be ready for life and their next steps




Willow weaving:- Willow basketry and sculpture is taught here on site by Deb Jones Willow, both contemporary and traditional skills. This ancient craft promotes mindfulness, wellbeing and creativity. Working with natural materials from the Somerset Levels our tutor encourages students to create beautiful objects from simple dragonflies and fish through to larger more complex baskets and animal sculptures.

Cooking:- It is vital that families understand how to use homegrown fresh and fresh produce as much as possible in order to live a healthy lifestyle and to save money on buying from shops. We use all the fruit and vegetables from the garden to cook meals, jams, pickles etc. Our students all help to prepare lunch each day at Green Acres.


Practical skills:- These sessions are designed to explore many different basic skills and the principles behind them, in topics such as;  woodwork, metal work, plumbing, brick laying, mechanics, painting and decorating, general maintenance and repair. Where possible we try to make this on the job lessons rather than fabricating scenarios to give them some real world experience dealing with the snags from previous work or age related deteriation. This gives the students a good understanding of DIY style lifeskills and the chance to pursue areas of interest further, in preparation for their next steps in education/career or as a hobby. 

Gardening:- It is important that young people know where their food originates, what we can grow in this country and what we can produce in our gardens. At Green Acres we have an allotment style garden, 2 polytunnels and a green house so we are well prepared for growing vegetables all year round.

Crafts:- Working with a range of materials, including paper, wood, recycled materials and fabric off-cuts our creative craft sessions teach everything from basic sewing skills and woodwork through to modern art. Students are encouraged to try various different materials and techniques throughout their time with us and pick up some amazing life skills along the way too!

Work Experience:- At Green Acres, we focus on making sure that our year 11's have planned their 'next steps' in education. We are able to help if they wish to attend college or get an apprenticeship. We focus on work experience where they can gain real work and life skills by working in our farm shop, cooking, packing, labelling and selling.our produce and meals to a professional standard. Experience can also be gained by cooking and serving at our Friday cafe.


Enterprise:- This is similar to the practical skills sessions but allows students to utilise their own interests and explore ways in which to develop a business idea or create a product which can then be sold in our own farm shop. The students are taught how to calculate the costs involved including time, money and resources, how to interact with customers and other elements to understand how a business runs. The proceeds from these sales then go into a treat fund for all the students at the end of the year which encourages them to be supportive of each other and work as a team.

Countryside Immersion:- These sessions include many different rural topics from looking at crops and livestock as they develop through the year and how they are farmed, to signs of different types of wildlife and the animals themselves, to foraging and bushcraft skills through the seasons. Throughout these sessions the students further develop their social, communication and teamwork skills to complete the tasks. The students develop a better understanding, respect and enjoyment for the environment around them and the impact we have on its future.

Harry's Story:-

Our former student Harry left after year 11 to go to Northampton College to take a catering course. He returned to see us at Green Acres and said that he had been worried about being placed in a lower group.

However, Harry said 'Because of everything that i had learned at Green Acres, I was way ahead of the other new starters and they all came to me to ask how to do things, so I felt really good.'

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